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Benefits of Sauna After a Workout

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After a Hard Workout, You Should Use the Sauna for a Number of Health Benefits Many of you who have been to a gym before know what sauna rooms are all about, but just to make the point clear before we jump into the benefits of sauna after a workout, a sauna is a small

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The Secret to Anti-Aging & Beauty

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Nerium Products Can Help You Feel More Youthful and Energized! TRIMMER suggests you experience the transformative power of these products that may help solve the age-defying equation. Formulated with exclusive and patented ingredients, Nerium provides true breakthroughs in anti-aging. They work with the top scientists, researchers, universities and labs across the world to bring you

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Stop Hair Loss Naturally

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Using Onion Juice on your scalp can help prevent hair loss and regrow hair. Did you know that using onions can be a natural way to stop hair loss? Onion juice, properly used on your scalp can reinvigorate your hair follicles. It will boost collagen production, which is a naturally occurring protein in the body

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Finding Balance; YOGA

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       These days we are all familiar with yoga: from magazines to television, to friends and family, yoga has become a mainstream part of our culture. And yet, many of us still think of it as “stretching” when in fact, yoga is much more than that. The practice of yoga was first developed

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Top 10 Tips for Summer Fitness

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For me, July marks the beginning of summer and has always been my favorite time of the year to light a fire under and put some sizzle back into my own workouts. First of all, life seems to slow down a bit and that gives me the opportunity to spend more time on my own fitness regime. There’s

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COOL Manscaping Tips for Summer

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Do not wax your chest hair; not now, not ever. A hairy chest is the pure definition of what a man is. Do you think the Marlboro Man ever shaved his chest? No! With that being said, it’s hot out this summer and you should trim your body hair at least twice a year if

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