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Pamper Your Barkin’ Dogs!

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Whether you want to look good in sandals, or you want to look good for a guy under the sheets, the way your feet look and feel is so important. Our feet are one of the hardest working parts of our body, but typically the last body part you’d think to give any attention. There

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Benefits of Beard Oil

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Beard oil is a men’s hair-care product which is designed to mimic natural skin oils, moisturizing the skin beneath a beard while improving the appearance and manageability of the beard itself.  Using a beard oil will help moisturize your beard and keep your beard conditioned, shiny and will reduce dryness on your facial skin. A

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A Design Jump Start!

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Cruise Into Season With A Home Design Tune-Up  As “Season” shifts into high gear, it’s a good time to look under the hood – or roof, as is the case – of your home to see where to fine tune your space. With summer in the rearview mirror and the holidays coming into focus ahead,

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You Must Do Cardio

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Fitness As a certified fitness trainer, I have heard more lame excuses for not doing “cardio” than Republicans have for not raising taxes on the wealthy. Most guys and girls I work with are seeking that ideal body; a sleek six-pack, a tight ass, a great chest, etc. Sure, working out with weights is the

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Benefits of Sauna After a Workout

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After a Hard Workout, You Should Use the Sauna for a Number of Health Benefits Many of you who have been to a gym before know what sauna rooms are all about, but just to make the point clear before we jump into the benefits of sauna after a workout, a sauna is a small

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The Secret to Anti-Aging & Beauty

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Nerium Products Can Help You Feel More Youthful and Energized! TRIMMER suggests you experience the transformative power of these products that may help solve the age-defying equation. Formulated with exclusive and patented ingredients, Nerium provides true breakthroughs in anti-aging. They work with the top scientists, researchers, universities and labs across the world to bring you

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