I have been dating a few celebs recently. It is not unusual for London escorts to date celebs. Many celebs worry about their public image. It may seem hard to believe in this day and age, but many gay or lesbian celebs worry about coming out and showing their true nature. It surprised me when I met my first celeb on a London escorts. The guy was clearly gay but he was working really hard on as trying to pass himself of as straight. Why? It really made me wonder what he was playing at in public.

London Escorts On Celebs

Since I met this guy, I have really started to wonder what kind of influence celebs have on our lives. Some girls at the London escorts I work for in south London are totally hooked on celebs. They really admire the celeb lifestyle. To my surprise, a large number of London escorts follow celebs. In many ways, they try to copy cat them. They may even buy the same products celebs promote and so on. I am not sure they realise, but celebs are paid to promote these products to the general public. If they are not paid, they do get a lot of free products.

London Escorts And A Designer Sexy Lifestyle

Not only do celebs promote certain products. I also think that many celebs influence our lifestyles. There is nothing wrong with that, but you have to realise what is going. Just because your favorite celeb comes out as a lesbian, there is no reason why you should come out as a lesbian. Charlotte London escorts are rather “fluid” when it comes to sexuality and I do think that many of the girls I work with, have a bad habit of copying their favorite celebs. But, there is more to coping celebs than copying their sexuality.

Celeb Living

Celebs often flaunt all of the nice stuff that they have, and it makes others want to the same things. One of my London escorts girlfriends cant’ stop herself from copying her favorite celeb. She loves to buy expensive designer clothes and bags. As a result, she has ended up spending a small fortune on credit cards. I have tried to discourage her from doing so, but I have to admit that it is not easy. She seems to think that life is not worth living without her designer shoes and clothes. That is a much more serious problem than copycatting someone’s sexuality.

Should we strive to try to be like celebs? It is a bit like keeping up with your posh friends or neighbours. I really don’t think that it works in the long run. Sure, I must admit that I have been seduced by celebs’ lifestyles on many occasions. But, I put the brakes on and only enjoy it when I am out and about with them. I have been lucky enough to get some amazing swag bags and free stuff. Fortunately, none of these companies know I work for London escorts. One thing I am not going to do, is to let celebs’ lifestyles take over my life.

How Celebs Influence Our Lives
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