Some people have foot fetishes, but I am addicted to Christmas. Apart from working at Rochester escorts of I run my own Christmas blog. That is how much I like Christmas. My Christmas blog covers everything from where to do buy your Christmas stocking to how to make your own crackers. I go pretty nuts around Christmas time, and I do like to get decorating. If you would like to know how to personalise your Christmas, I suggest that you check out my Christmas blog.

It is not only the girls at Rochester escorts who seem to enjoy reading my Christmas blog, but I get plenty of visitors from all around the world. My Christmas blog does not mention Rochester escorts at all, but it does give you some semi sexy Christmas tips. If you like to enjoy a sexy Christmas, you can certainly pick up some tips on my blog. Perhaps you would like some tips on what to put in your lover’s Christmas stocking. If you do, my blog can give you some hot tips.


Do we make enough effort we Christmas? I think that we sometimes go over the top when it comes to Christmas. Making your home look like a winter wonderland is not something that you need to in order to give an impression of Christmas. I have several simple ideas on how you can make your home look like it is about to invite Santa for a sleepover without going over the top. It is fairly easy to make it look like Christmas flows through your house without letting Christmas take over.


Last year, I think that 9 out of 10 Rochester escorts made my home made chocolates. They were certainly very popular as gifts last year, and I loved the fact that so many people wrote in and said that they loved them. I think that Christmas is the ideal time to receive sweet treats, and the girls at Rochester escorts who travel back to their home countries, like to buy a lot of sweet treats for their families back home. Sweet treats around Christmas, is something we Brits are very good at.


Would you like some tips on how to set your table at Christmas? It has always surprised me that a lot of people find setting their tables challenging. I think that many people spend a small fortune on buying table decorations for their Christmas table when they could easily make their own stuff. Last year, I spent a whole afternoon showing some of the girls at Rochester escorts, how they can make their own crackers. It is really easy and if you like, you can buy all of the stuff that makes them go off with a bang. Personalised crackers is one of those really simple Christmas gifts that can make Christmas extra special.  My crackers are so popular that I am pretty sure that I could make a little business out of them.  What do I put in them… well I leave that up to your imagination.

Celebrating this wonderful season
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