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Autumn ISSUE – Launched Sept. 1st, 2017

We’re pleased to release this next issue for AUTUMN with some great features like;

  • “What’s In Your Pants?” Do you have all the right gadgets in your pockets?
  • Our “Finding Balance” series continues with an article about getting to GO OUTDOORS! Nature can help strengthen your body and getting outdoors has some amazing benefits.
  • Eat Healthy! Learn the best items to pile on your salads to add protein and nutrients to create the ultimate, power-food at the PINK SUB on Wilton Drive.
  • We have a great feature about Foot Health and how to keep your barkin’ dogs pampered!
  • We also have fitness tips, our products, like Skinprov Natural Mole Remover, that you can buy on our site, tips for finding the perfect pair of jeans, and the benefits of beard oil.
  • We’ve also got this month’s HOT CUTS and a great MARKETPLACE for you to enjoy. There’s so much coming up in the next few months. So subscribe today and follow us on Social Media for all the events, updates, news and special giveaways and contests.

SUMMER ISSUE – Launched July 6th, 2017

We’ve Launched Our Premier Issue!

Available online internationally on any tablet, computer or mobile device, and at local barbershops, salons, gyms, doctor’s offices, and select restaurants and bars.

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