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Top 10 Tips for Summer Fitness

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For me, July marks the beginning of summer and has always been my favorite time of the year to light a fire under and put some sizzle back into my own workouts. First of all, life seems to slow down a bit and that gives me the opportunity to spend more time on my own fitness regime. There’s also something about these extra hot summers in the tropics that makes me want to go that extra mile in the gym; just seeing all those beautiful bodies out there running on the beach, showing it off at pool parties. It seems to inspire me to get with the program and work on my own 50 something body to make it all it can be!It’s never too late to shed that flab, put on muscle and make the fitness lifestyle work for you. Here are a few of my top summer fitness tips. Adopt just one or two of these little gems if you aren’t already doing them and you’ll see and feel a difference in your body before fall; I guarantee it!

  1. Stretching is a major component of overall fitness. Stretch vigorously and for several      minutes before doing any cardio routine like cycling, running and swimming. For weight training, stretch lightly before working out, and more between sets and after your workout.
  2. A cocktail or glass of wine are a delight around the pool or cabana, but overdoing it can  pack on the pounds, deplete your energy & prove fatal to your workouts. Moderation is key!
  3. Modalities like hydro-therapy, massage, and acupuncture, etc. can aid your fitness lifestyle by relieving pain, speeding recovery and adding to your overall well being.
  4. A professional massage can relax sore tight muscles, lower blood pressure, increase circulation &  help moisturize your skin. It is also an effective treatment for reducing stress, pain & muscle tension.
  5. Carry a clean towel with you to the gym and a few anti-bacterial wipes so that you can keep  equipment clean for yourself and others. Working up a good sweat is healthy and sexy, but sweaty dirty equipment is a health hazard. Summer colds are just awful and if you have one, take a time-out at the gym!
  6. Stay hydrated throughout the day and during your work-outs. Chug water regularly and don’t wait until  you are thirsty. Sports drinks for the most part contain too much sugar. Good old H2O is tops! Warmer weather is better for joints and muscles while exercising, just don’t overdo it, use sunscreen and replenish fluids by drinking plenty of water.
  7. Beginning at age 25 most people begin to lose about a half a pound of muscle per year. Regular and  progressive weight training helps maintain and build lean muscle. You CAN turn back time like Cher!
  8. To jump start your fat-burning, try 20 minutes of cardio, i.e. treadmill, elliptical on an empty stomach first  thing in the morning, but make sure to eat breakfast soon after & always before your major workout.
  9. Good nutrition, weight training (free weights and machines) and cardio-vascular training (running,  swimming, cycling) are the three elements of any sound program. You need to have all of these to succeed so get outdoors! Kayaking is a great way to work out your back, those arms and shoulders.
  10. Consistency and regularity at the gym adds up to success at achieving your goals. Even if your workout isn’t stellar, it’s still better to do something than nothing at all.

Use your downtime this summer to get an extra pump in the gym! For more tips on staying FIT and TRIM, contact Personal Trainer, Filip Mroz at pumpnincgym.com. Remember, before trying any new supplement for weight loss or starting body building exercises; make sure you check with your physician before starting a new exercise program. Enjoy your summer and be well!