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COOL Manscaping Tips for Summer

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Do not wax your chest hair; not now, not ever. A hairy chest is the pure definition of what a man is. Do you think the Marlboro Man ever shaved his chest? No!

With that being said, it’s hot out this summer and you should trim your body hair at least twice a year if you plan to keep it managed. There isn’t a better time to manscape than a few days before going to the beach & pool parties. We’ve got a few simple hair ground-rules for you that will help keep you cool this summer.


As the thermometer rises, keep your scruff in check. During the winter, your beard may act as a woolen scarf, keeping you warm, but not during the summer months; your beard can cause irritation when your skin is hot and damp. So it’s even more important to keep it clean. Avoid dehydration, which can cause your hair to grow brittle and even more prone to breakage.

If heat irritation occurs, it might be time to compromise and give your whiskers a trim down to a #1 or #2 guard or the final length of 1 to 2 inches should be plenty, This will give your skin more airflow and make it easier for you to clean, while allowing you to quickly regrow once the season starts to change.

Shaving your back hair for the summer is a necessity. Let’s face it… There are very few men who look good with a hairy back. And if you’re a really hairy ‘ape’, then you should invest in a decent back razor. Also, if you can put your arms down to your sides and you have armpit hair popping out of your under arms, it’s time trim that off too!

Prevent irritation and skin damage with a post-shaving routine for after a fresh shave; use an aftershave without alcohol that focuses on hydrating your skin. During the summer, apply an oil- free moisturizer with an SPF to help protect your skin from the sun.

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Eating for a Healthy Beard

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There’s not much you can do about your receding hair line ‒ other than curse your bloodline ‒ but facial hair is a different matter. The old saying “You are what you eat,” actually holds true in this case. Thinking about what you put inside your body is paramount to living a healthier lifestyle, so make the healthier choice and order from a local, Pink Sub.

THE SKIPPER is one of their most popular selling subs and by eating it, it will actually help your hair grow. It contains Oven Gold turkey, which is high in protein. It contains avocado, that improves your digestion. Eating avocado can help you to absorb the nutrients that your body needs to function more effectively. Avocado provides an overall boost to your digestive system and may help prevent constipation. Everything about this sub, even down to the mayo dressing, has health benefits and can help you regrow your hair naturally. Most people know that mayo can contain high-fats, which can actually help nutrients absorb more easily inside your body. The nutrients such as vitamin D, E, K and A are each classified as ‘fat soluble’ and they‘ll meld together with fats, therefore eating mayo can help your body absorb more nutrients easier. Consider these options or add-ons:

ROAST BEEF – Red meat like beef is really good for testosterone production and therefore also, beard growth. It is a great source of saturated fat; the main fatty-acid needed for testosterone synthesis. It’s also rich in quality animal protein, which naturally helps your body to maintain the basic building material for hair growth, which is protein.

TUNA – With high levels of B vitamins, magnesium, and potassium, tuna is an excellent source of protein that’ll keep your beard healthy.

SALMON – Packed with vital omega-3 fatty acids that our bodies are unable to produce naturally, they protect you from disease and keep your hair healthy, shiny and strong.

EGGS – Very high in quality protein, which is one of the essential building blocks of hair. Eggs also contain cholesterol, which although demonized, is necessary for healthy testosterone production – the hormone necessary for beard growth. One of the main vitamins for beard growth is biotin, and it just so happens that eggs are one of the richest sources of biotin.SPINACH – Switch out the lettuce for spinach! It is packed with vitamin A, iron, beta carotene, folate & vitamin C; these vitamins can work together to keep your follicles moisturized.

BELL PEPPERS – High in vitamin C, they will help strengthen and protect your beard from breakage and contain over 30 cancer fighting carotenoids.

ALFALFA SPROUTS – High in vitamin C (about 23% of your daily recommended value), bean sprouts may reduce anxiety caused by stress. The folic acid, vitamin B6 and vitamin B12 found in alfalfa sprouts can help your eyesight and may reduce macular degeneration. They contain a lot of iron, which helps our cells stay strong and void of infection, boosting your immunity.

SUNFLOWER SEEDS – They’re packed with vitamins E & B and minerals like zinc, which are necessary for hair growth. They are an excellent source of protein, which helps naturally promote healthy and shiny hair. Hair loss is often associated with a zinc deficiency.

In short, the best beard growth foods do the following; They will increase natural thyroid hormone production, increase testosterone and DHT levels naturally, lower the carrier protein SHBG, making testosterone and DHT more active, and contain the necessary vitamins & minerals to stimulate growth.

Pink Sub opens daily from 11am to 4ish. Stop by and ask Dawn or ‘Saturday Man’ what else you can add-on to your sub, wrap or salad to make your food help your beard grow in fuller and your body feel even better! Remember to always consult your physician before starting any diet or exercise program.