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Why Trimmer?

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The Story Behind the Name The Trimmer

A little history of our publication and the people behind it.

By Dave Griff

Everyone has been asking me, “Why the name The Trimmer?” Well… There’s a few reasons.

First, because I believe, like many men do, that we should live a healthy lifestyle and the name Trimmer represents that. I also know that many gay men are into how they look and vanity comprises a large part of how we feel and makes us feel confident and so our hair (either on our heads, or lack thereof, or on our bodies) and our muscles, are an important part of our lives. Health, Lifestyle & Vanity, are what drive many of us.

From 2012 to 2015, we published the first strictly-online magazine for the gay men’s community called HIM Magazine, For the Man Who Invests In Himself, which over three years, grew from zero to over 16,000 readers each month. It was a labor of love!

Publisher Dave Griffiths and Editor Alex Vaughn met while Dave was Art Director for The Florida Agenda newspaper and Alex was the Editor-in-Chief. They hit it off immediately and both found themselves wanting more from a publication that the newspaper and the management could not provide. So we decided to branch off ourselves and in August 2011, began the process of launching our own online mag.

We filled it with over 25 multimedia features each month, ranging on numerous topics from business and politics, to manscaping and landscaping. Over the three years we published HIM Magazine, it grew to 32 issues, over 300 features, and thousands of followers on social media. With many great features on fashion and lifestyle, interviews with people in the entertainment field like singer Matt Zarley, actor Gerald McCullouch, country western singer Drake Jensen, and events and much more, HIM Magazine was truly exceptional!

TRIMMER will be along the same lines, but we realized the need for a monthly printed edition, as well as a strong social media presence and online shopping portal, in addition to the fabulous multimedia features and articles about style, fashion, men’s health and fitness on trimmermag.com that we presented in HIM Magazine. This time, however, you will be able to purchase many of the products you see in the printed magazine online. In addition, our publication will have some very exciting features that will connect the community in ways unseen in any other printed publication. We’ve got ideas that will blow you away!

Secondly, the reason we named this publication The Trimmer is a very personal one. This publication’s name was as an homage to two of my dearly departed friends, Chance Taffer, former Ramrod bartender, and photographer Peter “Guido” Renaldo, who both published RIMMER magazine over the years and whom have both left us too early. Guido passed on years ago, but Chance decided to bring The Rimmer back in 2015 and he published the magazine for over a year. In February 2017, Chance passed away suddenly from a heart attack. Chance and I had been friends for nearly two decades, so as a remembrance to them both, I have named this new publication The TRIMMER to keep them in our hearts and minds. They have been an integral part of our community, raising thousands of dollars for HIV/AIDS causes. However, since I personally don’t want to produce a fetish magazine like The Rimmer was… instead, I am choosing to publish a sexy, hirsute, men’s magazine full of fashion, style and products that will make you feel good and look even better, making you a more confident man in today’s world… And confidence is sexy!

I welcome you to join us on this amazing and exciting journey and to remember Chance and Guido for the good they did in our community while they were with us. Subscribe to The Trimmer Magazine today and LIKE us on Facebook and Follow us on Twitter for more great information, special giveaways and enjoy our online flipbook publication sent directly to your email each month. You can unsubscribe at any time, but we’re hoping you enjoy what we’ve got in store for you!