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Stop Hair Loss Naturally

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Using Onion Juice on your scalp can help prevent hair loss and regrow hair.

Did you know that using onions can be a natural way to stop hair loss? Onion juice, properly used on your scalp can reinvigorate your hair follicles. It will boost collagen production, which is a naturally occurring protein in the body that is essential to healthy skin, hair and nails. Hair follicle cells use these amino acids to produce keratin protein. Using onion juice on your scalp will increase blood circulation to the scalp, which promotes scalp and hair health. In addition, onion juice contains anti-bacterial properties that help with scalp infections. Additionally, it contains catalase, an anti-oxidant that can inhibit graying in some people by reducing naturally producing hydrogen peroxide in your hair, preventing your cells from oxidation and dehydration.

Peel and chop two onions into small pieces. Put the onion pieces and 2 tablespoons of olive oil into a blender. You may add some water if you need it. Blend and then squeeze outout the juice. Adding coconut oil or honey has advantages too. Massage the juice into your scalp or cover your bald patches. Leave the onion juice on your scalp for at least 30 minutes (Longer if you can tolerate the smell) and then wash it out using a mild organic shampoo.

That’s it! Do this three to four times each week, and you will begin to see results in just a few weeks. Keep it up and you can reinvigorate your scalp follicles and they will begin to re-grow hair.


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Remove Those Ugly Moles!

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Natural Mole Removal

Getting Rid of Those Pesky & Unsightly Moles

By Dave Griff

If you are on one the millions of people out there with a mole that you just can’t stand, you may have tried to get rid of it, there are several methods that you can try. Personally, I have experience dealing with my own moles. I’m excited to say that my moles are gone because of one of the natural mole removal methods I tried. I did not pay a ton of money to a dermatologist to remove them. I simply spent $60 and it took a few weeks, but my unsightly moles on my face are now gone. This is my journey of how it all came about.

I used to have two unsightly moles on my forehead. One was small, but the other one was larger and was there staring back at me in the mirror every single day. I did not like my moles, but after talking with others about them, people didn’t really notice them like I did. Nobody made fun of them or made me feel like they were hideous, but I didn’t like them and I did not want to look at them in the mirror anymore. So after some research and finding out what my options were, on a college student’s budget, I decided to remove them myself.

First, let me just say that if you take a knife to your moles, you are going to end up with a serious problem. You should never try to cut off your moles or skin tags. I also recommend seeing a dermatologist before starting this process to determine your overall skin health.

What is a Mole?

In essence, moles are clusters of skin pigment cells that form in a group, rather than spreading evenly over your skin. Often harmless, moles appear in your youth and can grow and change as you grow. You may notice more moles appearing as you age. There are several reasons why moles appear; from sun exposure, genetics and heredity, and hormonal changes in your body. Moles should be monitored, especially if you do tend to get a lot of sun exposure, because a mole that changes shape or color can be a sign of a serious skin problem. If you notice changes in your moles, you should really seek the advice of a dermatologist, who is experienced in dealing with these issues. You may need to have your mole biopsied to find out if there is a chance of cancer, and have it removed professionally.

Skin Tags

Skin tags are very common. They are benign (non-cancerous) skin growths that look like a soft piece of skin that hangs off your body. Obesity can dramatically increase the chance of getting skin tags, as well as heredity. Some people may have from 50 to 100 skin tags on their body and it can be a self-conscious issue for someone. Small skin tags can sometimes spontaneously rub or fall off painlessly, however most do not fall off naturally and they will persist. The medical name for a skin tag is an acrochordon. Most skin tags form in characteristic locations; under your arms, the base of your neck, your eyelids, and your groin folds. Skin tags are more common in people who are overweight and can be caused due to friction and rubbing of those areas.

Natural Removal Options

Removing moles with surgery can be an expensive and painful process. So if your moles are not showing signs of problems, there are a few options you can try to remove them through natural means.

Tea Tree Oil – This has been known to remove common problems such as moles and warts. Simply wipe the mole and the surrounding area with a cotton swab dipped in oil several times a day for a couple of weeks. This can be a time consuming option and your mole may just fall off on its own after a while, or it may not do anything.

Castor Oil – It’s known to remove moles, however, once again, this is a time consuming process. You should apply it like the Tea Tree Oil.

Sour Apple – Apple’s not only keep the doctor away, but sour apples can also help remove moles. You should apply a slice of sour apple or the juice to the affected area at least twice a day and for several weeks. This is an inexpensive way to remove moles.

Baking Soda – Another option you may try is using baking soda on your moles. This technique works best for small moles, and does not always shrink or remove larger moles. Usually the method of application is to create a paste with the baking soda and apply that to the affected area twice a day for several weeks.

Onion Juice – Yes, onions not only cause bad breathe, but they can also help remove moles. You can purchase onion juice at your local grocery store or make it yourself. Apply it to your moles two or three times a day for several weeks. You may not notice much change at first, but given the proper time and treatments, you can start to see a difference until your mole is smaller or falls off completely.

Dandelion Roots – The juice from the dandelion flower’s root can be used to remove moles in the same manner as all the previously discussed options. Simply extract the juice from the root and apply it in to the affected area for several weeks, several times a day. You may be able to find dandelions in your own backyard!

Each of these methods I have discussed takes time and patience. I personally tried the Castor Oil method, as well as the baking soda and the onion juice methods. However, after several weeks, I did not see any change in the moles on my forehead and I found myself more frustrated than satisfied with the results. Once I had tried these options, I decided to invest a little bit more money into the problem and I went ahead and ordered a natural mole removal product from the Internet called Skinprov®.

About Skinprov®

I took the leap and spent $45 on a small tube of Skinprov® and spent the little extra on shipping and handling. I read all the instructions properly and made sure that I was ready to take the plunge. It was reassuring to know that Skinprov® has received top ratings in 2010 and 2011, and since it is a natural mole removal method, the chance of scarring and side effects is lessened. I viewed the website and read all of the testimonials from happy and satisfied users. So nervously, I tried it.

I kneaded the tube first to make sure that the ingredients were properly mixed, just as the instructions said to do. I washed my face thoroughly and made sure that my forehead, the area where I wanted to apply the paste to my moles, was properly clean. I then took the small nail file (included with your tube) and rubbed it against my moles to open them up to the medicine. After a small prick with a pin, I was ready to apply the paste.

The dark brown paste that comes in the tubes of Skinprov® is not pretty, but I applied the paste to my moles on my forehead and I started to feel a slight stinging sensation. After 20 minutes with the paste on my moles, I was instructed to wash it off and leave it to air-dry. I applied a small bandage and was left with some scraped moles and some redness when I went to bed.

Literally overnight, I noticed that my moles had become a bit smaller. They were not nearly as large and as “puffy” as they had been. Then a scab formed. I was instructed not to mess with the scabs; to leave them alone until they naturally fell off on their own. This was tough, being that they were on my face. I was glad that I had planned before I purchased my tube of Skinprov® and scheduled ahead to use it for the two weeks that I was off school for vacation.

After many years of feeling self-conscious, two weeks didn’t seem like that long of a time to wait for something to happen. I was surprised, when one day, after a week, my scabs fell off and I was almost mole free! I did decide to give myself a week of additional healing time and then I chose to apply the paste once more. Fortunately, the small tube of Skinprov® that I purchased was enough to treat both of my moles.

After the second treatment, my moles were gone! I am happy to report, that I was satisfied with the treatment option that I chose. I certainly would not be reporting on this option, if I had tried it and it didn’t work. I would highly recommend Skinprov® to anyone who has unsightly moles on their body, wherever they may be.

Skinprov® can be purchased online at www.skinprov.com or available on Amazon and it will remove not only larger moles, but small ones and skin tags as well. Skinprov® is offered to you risk free! They will refund your money if you are not completely satisfied, as long as you return the unused portion within 60 days of purchase. So there really is no risk to you, if this method does not work.


After trying Skinprov®, I can say that it worked for me! I am very pleased with the results and I would recommend Skinprov® to anyone who wishes to remove those pesky and unsightly moles. They offer a 60-day money back guarantee, but I was so satisfied with the product, I even purchased another tube a year later and removed another ugly mole. I am happy to say that I am no longer self-conscious when I am speaking with people. I no longer feel that they are staring at my moles on my face and I believe that this change in my body image has helped me make a lasting change to my attitude overall.