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COOL Manscaping Tips for Summer

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Do not wax your chest hair; not now, not ever. A hairy chest is the pure definition of what a man is. Do you think the Marlboro Man ever shaved his chest? No!

With that being said, it’s hot out this summer and you should trim your body hair at least twice a year if you plan to keep it managed. There isn’t a better time to manscape than a few days before going to the beach & pool parties. We’ve got a few simple hair ground-rules for you that will help keep you cool this summer.


As the thermometer rises, keep your scruff in check. During the winter, your beard may act as a woolen scarf, keeping you warm, but not during the summer months; your beard can cause irritation when your skin is hot and damp. So it’s even more important to keep it clean. Avoid dehydration, which can cause your hair to grow brittle and even more prone to breakage.

If heat irritation occurs, it might be time to compromise and give your whiskers a trim down to a #1 or #2 guard or the final length of 1 to 2 inches should be plenty, This will give your skin more airflow and make it easier for you to clean, while allowing you to quickly regrow once the season starts to change.

Shaving your back hair for the summer is a necessity. Let’s face it… There are very few men who look good with a hairy back. And if you’re a really hairy ‘ape’, then you should invest in a decent back razor. Also, if you can put your arms down to your sides and you have armpit hair popping out of your under arms, it’s time trim that off too!

Prevent irritation and skin damage with a post-shaving routine for after a fresh shave; use an aftershave without alcohol that focuses on hydrating your skin. During the summer, apply an oil- free moisturizer with an SPF to help protect your skin from the sun.